Dr Troy Hendrickson

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Dr Troy Hendrickson is an educator, speaker, facilitator and program design expert with over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of settings. Troy is a dual citizen of America and Australia and has worked in numerous corporate, academic, government and not for profit environments with Senior Executives, CEOs and Managing Directors through to Early Career professionals and young adults. For several years Troy was also the Director of the Master of Business Leadership program at the Curtin Graduate School of Business. He regularly delivers workshops, programs and keynote speeches in more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe, America, Australia, Africa and New Zealand. (Troy is a polished PRESENTER and professional speaker who happens to have a PhD, versus someone with a PhD who tries hard to present!)

Session @Convention

The CREDIBILITY Conundrum {Power Presentation}

Every speaker and every leader that you interact with is likely to be very adamant about the importance of developing and maintaining credibility–this is probably not a huge surprise.

What may be a surprise are the assumptions that often surround this important ‘topic’ and some original research which has been conducted in order to interrogate the rhetoric that underpins credibility.

This session will provoke your thinking and may shift your perspective on how to ENERGISE your credibility.