Michael Grinder

Michael GrinderBio

Michael has spent his life studying, dissecting and teaching the complexity that underlies all communication. He has developed a unique, new science of influence through non-verbal communication that is rich in practical, immediately applicable skills that can transform and improve all professional and personal relationships and help you communicate to be heard and understood.

Michael Grinder is the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting. He was personally trained by two well-known experts in the field of communication: Carl Rogers, the wellspring of rapport and relationships, and Michael’s brother Dr. John Grinder, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Michael is National Director of NLP in Education. He and his wife, Gail, live in Battle Ground, Washington, which is across the river from Portland, Oregon.

Sessions @Convention

Michael Grinder’s House of Communication (Monday Masterclass)

This session is a summary of Michael’s 40 years of applied research on non-verbal communication. In it, the role of perception is finally given its rightful place. Michael will demonstrate the insightful power of non-verbal communication by profiling people that he is meeting for the first time. 

Don’t be your own Identity Thief! (Monday Masterclass)

Michael has developed an interesting way to explain how we sabotage ourselves. He explains why it is important to know when to share different levels of vulnerability. This is a fascinating look at the ingredients of being a charismatic leader.


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