Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw CSP

Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw CSPBio

Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw CSP (PhD MEd BA ATCL) is an innovation thought leader, practitioner and mentor who is on a mission to liberate innovation, creativity and leadership within people and organisations. Innovation is unleashed when organisations are liberated from entrenched practices and out-dated processes. Creativity is unleashed when people are liberated from the shackles of default thinking and ridged mental models. Leadership is unleashed when individuals are liberated from constraints that stifle initiative and talent.
A highly experienced and respected corporate consultant she knows what works and why when it comes to helping individuals and organisations grow and develop. She thrives on demystifying, enabling and facilitating innovation and creativity and is skilled at unlocking the enormous human potential that languishes within most organisations.

Her latest book is entitled Leading in the Innovation Age: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace.

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Perspectives on Innovation {Power Presentation}

Find out how to thrive in the innovation age. Understand the new currencies, drivers and keys that will demystify innovation and ensure your success in this new world.