Donna Hanson CSP

Donna Hanson CSPBio

Donna Hanson is a CSP with over twenty years of corporate learning and development experience. She is the founder of Prime Solutions Training & Consulting, a productivity focussed computer training company that services global brands including Village Roadshow and BMW.

With organisations pressured to maximise the return on investment from their technology spend, Donna has developed a unique approach to deliver targeted outcomes specific to each business’s needs. This bespoke process results in greater levels of engagement, retention and application and also accommodates the varying learning styles of today’s generationally spread workforce.

Sessions @Convention

Do Less, Sell More

Leverage your expertise, “market’ yourself within client organisations and create a recurring income stream from your current client and resources base. At the end of the session attendees will; Realise the opportunity and benefits of offering additional services to clients; Identify their easiest entry point to offer value added services to existing clients; Create an action plan to get started.


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