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Dr Deane Hutton is a Futurist who has worked as a teacher, lecturer, writer and television presenter in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

He speaks at business conferences and schools about science, technology and the future. Audience members find out how to recognize future trends, overcome the insecurity of change, and create the future they want.

Deane has degrees in Science and Education and a PhD in Visual Perception and Message Design. He has a Certified Speaking Professional accreditation (CSP) from Professional Speakers Australia and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (FACE).

His work in television as a science communicator included “Curiosity Show” (18 years) and “Hey Hey It’s Saturday (7 years)”. Deane and Dr Rob Morrison have now created the Curiosity Show YouTube Channel. They are sharing their message of science, learning and fun with an audience of 1.7 million people around the world.

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New Lamps for Old

Deane Hutton says, “Don’t throw your best stuff away!” There’s no need to completely discard your effective presentations from the past. Simply pull them apart, rescue your favourite stories, anecdotes, parables, metaphors and jokes . . . and stitch them together in new ways and novel combinations. Create your own YouTube Channel!


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