Chinmay Ananda

Chinmay AnandaBio

  • Financial Educator & Consultant at Finance Academy Australia
  • Ambassador for Bayside Business Network
  • Small Business Consultation Panel Member, Australian Taxation Office
  • Guest Lecturer at Holmesglen University, Melbourne
  • Consultant & Industry Mentor for Business Plan Competition at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Over the past five years, Chinmay has trained and consulted 700 business owners and non-financial managers in corporate, government and family businesses, to help them feel empowered to make profitable decisions based on facts and not on mere assumptions. Increasing financial literacy is at the cornerstone of what he does.

He is known for the research on hundreds of failed businesses to discover ‘Two Common Finance Mistakes made in Business’ which he has presented to the Australian Taxation Office, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Business Schools, and various Industry Associations and Councils.

In 2016 he received the prestigious Kerrie Nairn Scholarship from Professional Speakers Australia.

Chinmay’s Book “FUNdamentals of Financial Statements” is Amazon’s Best Seller. Written by a non-accountant, the content in this book has been researched, tested and presented over the last five years to make business finance FUN to learn!

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Pricing a service can be trickier than pricing a product, as so much of the value comes from your personal ability to deliver. There is no magic formula to come up with a perfect price if you have a niche offering. Nevertheless, this session will help you to determine what price is right – both for you, and your clients