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Brad Hauck is Mr Web Marketing. In the past 7 years, his clients have sold over 1 Billion Dollars worth of products & services from the leads he’s generated through online marketing. Brad focuses on developing and implementing online marketing systems that are proven to work for “real world” businesses, big or small. If you want to learn how to “Make your site sell”, Brad will teach you how to turn your website into a business not just a brochure!

Sessions @Convention

Cybernated Sales Funnels: How To Automate More Business From Your Speaking!

“How do I get more business?” is one of the most commonly heard questions from speakers. It sounds so simple and yet it’s one of the most difficult to answer. Why? Because everyone’s speaking business is different. But what if you could build cybernetic sales funnels that helps you attract, nurture & convert potential clients into raving fans?

In this session, I’m going to step you through a repeatable automatic sales funnel blueprint that anyone can build to get more business. I’ll show you the tools you need to do it, the content to use and the thought processes behind it. This funnel has been designed to help you sell more products & services off your speaking without you having to hard sell.

If you want to speak more / sell more, you need to build TRUST. Trust with conference organisers, trust with clients & trust with customers. That’s what sales funnels do for you. Join me & drive your speaking business to new levels by leveraging the power of cybernetics.


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