Amanda Gore CSP CPAE

Amanda Gore CSP CPAEBio

Amanda understands that getting down to business isn’t all about targets and optimizing clickthroughs. The heart and profit center of every business is about how people think, and consequently, feel about themselves; and how they make others feel. How we feel about a personal or business relationship informs every part of our decision to invest with them. Amanda’s action-packed performances offer an abundance of use-it-now tools to create deep, lasting relationships at every level — with family, customers, colleagues, and clients. Everyone leaves energized, enthusiastic and re-engaged!

Session @Convention

The Joy of Being Yourself on Stage

Probably the most common comment I hear from other speakers at the end of a presentation is ‘you gave me permission to be myself on stage’. How can you be anyone else?! Knowing yourself, understanding your fears – and eradicating them – is some of the secrets to presentations that really make a difference. The opposite of Joy is Judgement – find out why it matters!