Allison Mooney CSP

Allison Mooney CSPBio

Allie Mooney has been recipient of “Speaker of the Year (National Speakers Association of New Zealand– Auckland) award three times.

She describes herself as a “people interpreter” and has the Midas touch in being able to ‘speed read’ people, an essential skill in the speaking industry.

Her corporate client list is vast, and in the past three years she has presented globally to over 50 cities worldwide.

Allie has won many other prestigious speaking awards through National Speakers Association of New Zealand (Auckland), including:

  • Most Inspirational Speaker of the Year
  • Most humorous and Entertaining Speaker of the Year

Her book “Pressing the Right Buttons” not only an award winning book, a Best Seller through Random House. Published also in Portuguese.

Allie is a fun, humorous and entertaining speaker but most important she has a message that is informative and life changing.

Session @Convention

Personality Types {Power Presentation}

This session is all about improving relationships. Allie’s Secret?

“Treat others not as you would like to be treated but as they would like to be treated”.
(Allie Mooney)

“Pressing the Right Buttons” will help us avoid people challenges, both at work and home!
She will show us how.